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Nikki Roth

Nikki Roth stands as the premier tennis and pickleball coach for an exclusive clientele of celebrities and high-profile individuals. Holding certifications from USPTA, PTR, USTA, and the USA Pickleball Association, Nikki is renowned for tailoring her communication and training style to suit her diverse audience, seamlessly transitioning her teaching prowess to her newfound passion, Pickleball.

In addition to her coaching achievements, Nikki has expanded her influence by hosting numerous high-profile events. Furthermore, she curates unforgettable experiences with destination pickleball
cruises and packages worldwide. Nikki’s expertise extends beyond the court, creating immersive opportunities for enthusiasts to enjoy the thrill of pickleball in picturesque settings around the globe. Her commitment to providing top-notch coaching and unparalleled experiences solidifies Nikki’s standing as a leader in both the tennis and pickleball worlds.